Meet Our Team


We thank those kind souls and their circles who go out of their way, above and beyond, to help make this event happen – our community Volunteers

Local Coordinators

Coordinators are the managers of any Pagan Pride Day. Sometimes you only get one, here at Ogden Pagan Pride Day you get three. Our roles are to oversee the event coordinators and help them any way we can. When we all work towards a goal, we all win.

Bernadene Whitten
Ogden Local Co-coordinator

Bernadene has been a practioner of Witchcraft since 1974.
“I knew there was something more, something other worldly, since the day my grandfather laid his dowsing rods in my hands. The moment they moved on their own was the day my mind opened to new possibilities.”

Bernadene was raised in Juneau Alaska, eating blueberries off the bushes and fighting off bears for salmon.

She’s been the local coordinator for Salt Lake Pagan Pride Day, and Ogden Pagan Pride Day. She’s been a member of two covens, moving to Colorado to study with her first teacher for three years. And is a member of a Kindred, and serves as the law speaker.

She is the wife of the Media coordinator, has three children, five cats and one dog

TaMara Sorensen
Cental Utah Local Co-coordinator

TaMara has been a part of the Utah Pagan community for over 25 years.

She has participated as a solitary and coven witch and is currently an initiate in the Mound Tradition of Stonebeacon coven.

She has been a local coordinator for Salt Lake Pagan Pride and has offered many community events such as The Story Witch, The Mother Goose Circle, Fairy Fest and the annual Utah Lughnasa campout.

She is the founder/owner of Crone’s Hollow in Salt Lake City along with her business partner April and still engages in magic by offering unique items such as spell kits, candles, oils and more.

She is a certified herbalist and a crystal ball scryer using 13 Sisters to transmit messages from the Universe.

She currently lives with her husband in central Utah.

Durriken Homewood
Salt Lake Local Co-coordinator

Durriken Homewood is one of the founders, and serves in the position of Adversary of StoneBeacon Coven and the Mound Tradition.

Born and raised in Utah to a family of transplants steeped in folk magic,

he is the store manager of Crone’s Hollow in South Salt Lake City

Event Coordinators

Event coordinators are the backbone of our event. Without these amazing people doing the magic they do, there wouldn’t be an event. They get the vendors, the volunteers, the entertainment, the rituals, workshops and the donations. They find their own volunteers, and do it all for no compensation. They are truly the creators of this event.

Tracy Badger
Donation Coordinator

Tracy was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area in the 60’s, she was abundantly blessed to be exposed to such a beautifully diverse culture of ideology and spirituality.  This gift of mind, body and spirit still indwells within her today and provides the natural fuel that enhances my spiritual practices.  Colored with love and peppered with humor, my goal is to serve my community in order to encourage, enlighten and empower!

Her escape from the “broom closet” was in 2012 and she has thoroughly enjoyed walking the crooked path. In time, she longed to be a professional reader and teacher of the divinatory arts and has been doing so since 2016. Oracle, Lenormand, Dice, Stone and Crystal casting, Runes and IChing are her thing! Her readings are seasoned with humor, peppered with sass and flavored with love!

She’s also a crazy crafter who’s hands are always busy sewing, painting, crocheting and anything else that sparks her imagination.

However, her Rottweiler “Deezel” and black cat “Jet” aren’t amused by her shenanigans! Blessings!.

Amanda Jones
Entertainment Coordinator

My journey with the craft and paganism began with my mother at a very young age.

My curiosity of spiritualism, crystal healing, mindfulness, and meditation, along with herbs and candle magic, just kept growing.

I’ve been an active Pagan for many years and spend every minute I can outside enjoying life with friends and family.

I’m very lucky to be enjoying life in my little metaphysical shop surrounded every day by beautiful people and energy.

Kelly Richan
Media Coordinator

Kelly Richan, Goði (Priest) for Ásatrú Utah, has been practicing Ásatrú for 29 years and serves as Senior Goði for his Kindred.

Kelly has been practicing Rune and Seith magic for 28 years.

He has served in the past as a religious volunteer for Utah State Prison for 7 years.

He also served as
Thing speaker for the Ásatrú Alliance in 2002, 

Kelly has been very active in the grater pagan county and has presenter at several pagan festivals

Jeff Nielson
Vendor Coordinator

Hi I’m Jeff Nielson, I grew up here in Davis County! I’m married with two girls who are 19 and 21.

I am involved with Ogden Pagan Pride Day as the vendor coordinator.

My only qualification is that I have been a vendor at local events for 20 years. Currently I am the proprietor of Ansuz Hope. I sell Norse, Viking and Celtic items. I consider myself a very strong Ally of all things Pride and Pagan!

Vlad Orfeo
Ritual Coordinator

Hello, this is a small introduction for those who don’t know. My name is Vlad I have been a practitioner for more than 35 years.

It would be hard to describe my path since I started my path very early, at 9 years old my grandfather introduced me to the practices of the Taino/Arawak. After that I followed the pagan path.

I am a Demonologist and a Necromancer, but I do identify myself as a witch. I have worked in various metaphysical shops in my time in Utah (7 years) as a psychic-medium and other divination modalities. I love to learn and share what I know since I love to teach.

I am from Puerto Rico so Brujeria is deep within me. I am the ritual coordinator and I am here to help in any way I can, just like my fiancé Tabatha Adams.

Have any questions for me feel free. Need help with anything let me know if I can help in any way possible. Just a little about me and I am very excited to be a part of all this. Blessings and let’s come together to do this!!

Caysey Douglas
Workshop Coordinator

Hello! I’m Caysey Douglas. While I may have been born in Fort Worth TX, I was raised in American Fork Utah. I’m the mom of 2 amazing boys, and the wife of my best friend of the last 18 years.

I have been practicing and exploring paganism my entire life. It was against my religion growing up, and I had to do a lot of my learning in secret and purely on my own. I can’t tell you how many books my parents burned.

This year’s resolution was to step outside my comfort zone and become part of a community. This is my first time doing anything like this. I’m very excited to learn and grow alongside everyone!

Amber Simkins
Personal Assistant

Amber has been a practitioner of witchcraft for many years.

She has a passion for herbs, plants and all things kitchen and garden related.

She is a mother of 3 children and married to Sean Simkins.

Amber studies with several different pagan groups and is a sensitive medium.

Heather Couturier
Personal Assistant

Heather knew she was meant to follow a path in tune with the natural world from a young age. “I felt closer to the creator laying in a grove of quaking aspen and listening to the leaves dancing in the wind than I ever did in a man-made building.”

Born and raised in Ogden, Utah, she still lives there today. She is a friend, sister, aunt, mother, and nana, who cherishes being able to stay close to her family and friends. She has 2 children, a grandchild, and numerous pets ranging from cats and dogs, to ducks and spiders!

Heather has practiced her own brand of solitary eclectic witchcraft for nearly 30 years. She is a devotee of Lilith (who she insists is wildly misunderstood) and friend to the Fae. She has previously helped coordinate Ogden Pagan Pride Day and is honored to assist in bringing this fantastic event back to the Ogden community.

Lynda Barrus
Volunteer coordinator:

Hello there, I am Lynda. Born and raised here in Utah.

My journey with Paganism and Witchcraft began many moons ago. I explored my practice as a Solitary Witch for over 30 years. It has only been over the past 4-5 years that I broke free from the confines of solitary practice, and emerged from the “broom closet”.

I have delved more into the mysteries of spiritualism, energy work, mindfulness and meditation while continuing my practices with tarot, crafting spells, and mediumship.

As the Volunteer Coordinator, I am thrilled to play a central role in the upcoming festivities, where I get to share my passion for community engagement and mystical expertise will undoubtedly shine


Everyone who helps to make this event a success is a volunteer. Extra hands are always appreciated at the festival itself, but there’s also a lot to do behind the scenes. You can help too! If you have special skills, please let us know. 


We welcome the public, media, and any questions about our event, or what we do. We are looking forward to hear from you.